Tetramesh is an investigation of distributed systems and manufacturing in art and design. Distributed computing describes software systems that disperse tasks amongst multiple agents in a computational network. Examples include financial trade systems, massive multiplayer online games, and search engines. These systems exemplify a new paradigm in computing brought about by the prevalence of information networks.

The effect of distributed computing on global exchange is beginning to translate into the design of objects. Distributed manufacturing refers to decentralized forms of production that occur across information networks. This new form of manufacturing enables sustainable design methods and allows people in remote and developing areas to access objects created around the world.

Tetramesh invites users to consider the effect of these emerging information and production paradigms by presenting an interactive application, developed in collaboration with Matthew Jarvis Wall, and a 3D printed responsive system. Using horticulture as a metaphor for the network, it allows participants to explore an infinite garden with its own logic and reality.


Interactive Web Application: